Unlocking the Power of Positivity at Work: 21 Actionable Ideas – Words of Kindness

Showing kindness at work can make a big difference in improving workplace culture and overall morale. Here are seven effective ways to show workplace kindness: 

  1. Express Gratitude
    A simple “thank you” can go a long way in showing appreciation for a colleague’s hard work or assistance. 
  1. Offer Support
    Be there for your coworkers when they need help or guidance. You can offer to help with a project or lend an ear when they need to talk. 
  1. Celebrate Milestones
    Recognize your coworkers’ accomplishments and celebrate their successes with them. 
  1. Share Knowledge
    If you have a skill or expertise that could be useful to a colleague, offer to teach or mentor them. 
  1. Practice Active Listening
    When someone is speaking to you, give them your full attention and validate their thoughts and feelings. 
  1. Show Empathy
    Put yourself in your coworkers’ shoes and show compassion when they are going through a difficult time. 
  1. Random Acts of Kindness
    Surprise your coworkers with small gestures of kindness, such as bringing in their favourite snack or leaving a thoughtful note on their desk.

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