8 Types of Allowances for F&B Workers in Singapore

Allowances can be seen as one of the lucrative perks of working with an organisation or establishment in any working industry. Managing an F&B establishment in Singapore requires different forms of perks that can be extended to your staff and allowance could be one of the perks. We’re going to look at 8 different types of allowances that can be offered by you.

  1. Transport Allowance
    Transport allowance applies to staff who are asked to cover unscheduled shifts, travel between outlets or work outside their regular hours. Additionally, transport or travel allowance might be extended to employees who attend external training programs such as culinary school or health and safety training.
  1. Overtime Allowance
    Employees who worked beyond their standard hours are being compensated with overtime allowance. This includes payment at time-and-a-half or even double the standard rate for hours worked outside their regular shifts.
  1. Meal Allowance
    Meal allowance is given to employees who need to work away from their usual workplace or during designated meal periods.
  1. Shift Allowance
    Shift allowance caters to employees who work shifts outside their normal working hours or who are on call during non-typical hours. This includes night shifts, weekends, public holidays and special events.
  1. Medical Allowance
    Medical allowance is granted to cover medical expenses such as doctor’s visits and other medical-related issues. This benefits employees with chronic health conditions and is an advantage point for companies if a certain employee holds a vital role.
  1. Training Allowance
    Training allowance is one of the allowances for employees who are required to attend practical training in culinary arts or restaurant operations as well as external certification costs like those for food safety exams.
  1. Communication Allowance
    Communication allowance is commonly given to employees who use their personal communication devices for work purposes.
  1. Commission Allowance
    Certain F&B establishments offer rewarding commissions to employees based on their sales targets or specific performance targets met. This allowance is usually the drive for employees to achieve their targets. 

Other Common Benefits Provided by F&B Employers Beyond allowances, there are additional benefits often extended by employers in Singapore’s F&B sector:

  1. Paid Leave or Vacation Time offers paid time off to employees to promote rest, well-being, and work-life balance and also reduce the risk of burnout.
  1. Insurance Benefits Employers cover various aspects of insurance for medical expenses such as hospitalisation and doctor visits.

The aforesaid allowances and benefits can be either cash or non-cash rewards and these allowances may vary based on factors such as job role, seniority, etc. Implementing allowances would attract employees to stay in an establishment for the long term, enhancing employee contentment and perform better at work.

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